The Legal Bharat


The legal Bharat Is the Organisation who try to solve the legal problems of people of India.

We agree and we understand that there are many government Bodies like police department, Ed, CBI And many organisation and many NGOs also working together under the government to solve the legal problems of India.

But then also common people stuck somewhere somehow and get trapped in fraud. The main purpose of making the legal Bharat Organisation is to help the people those who are strapped By The fraud.

To show the common people right away, right path and right direction to execute their work and and get ride of their problems. From our study, we found that in Delhi or in all over the India there are many fraud. People were claiming their self to be a government worker, who can help to solve the work. These agent Take advance money from the common people and digest it . The main purpose of making the Legal Bharat Organisation to help this type of peoples. And also to aware the common people .

Our main role to execute the work in right way with right people’s.

The Legal Bharat Team provides best Consultancy To execute the work from the appropriate ministry or the accurate government bodies. Whatever will be the legal Consultancy fees that will take the Legal Bharath Team after execution of work or in some case we can take security money in upfront. If the work is not executed then the security money will be returned to the authorise person or the organisation. We deal with the following ministry given below.